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Why I Farm

I am new to farming. I was born and raised in a community without any gardening or access to acreage. I do not have any knowledge or experience in soil science, irrigation methods, or harvesting (reaping, threshing, cleaning, hauling, stacking, or bagging). But that is the beauty of the farm ecosystem this community has created. I can show up without any specialized knowledge; I show up with only a desire to help my fellow neighbors on any given day and that is enough.

It is enough because we have a wonderful team of volunteer leaders who bring their expertise and dedicated hearts as we are all trying to meaningfully produce organic food intentionally for our neighbors. I am attracted to this organizational model, because we the community are working to eradicate food insecurity in the community by growing the produce and giving it away for FREE. In a world where everything has a price and a target market, I am motivated to continue on the revolutionary path of growing produce at no cost for our neighbors and supporting our local community.

I look forward to getting to know our community partners, our loyal volunteers and donors, and getting my hands dirty in the process. See you out there!


Kyle Madel

Kyle is a Financial Analyst at Curation Foods. He is excited to use his skills to help keep the farm books balanced and  more importantly help our community members.

Kyle is passionate about food justice and finance which makes him a perfect fit for our team.

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