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Growing and sharing healthy food

We grow a wide range of seasonal fruits and vegetables using sustainable, organic farming practices. 


Our locations

In San Luis Obispo, our mild winters and sun-soaked summers are perfect for growing all sorts of good stuff!


173 Buckley Road in San Luis Obispo, CA

Firstfruits Farm SLO veggie field

Our 1 acre field is farmed year-round using organic permaculture practices. Each season, we adjust produce varieties to better support those we serve.


835 Serpa Ranch Road in San Luis Obispo

A close-up of flowers blooming in an orchard

At our 1/2 acre orchard, you'll find trees of all sorts! We're growing apples, apricots, lemons, nectaries, peaches, plums, pears, and oranges.

Growing practices

We believe healthy soil is critical to supporting healthy people! We don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms, and are committed to actively stewarding our land through our growing practices.

Our main field features a warm season row crop area and a no-till, year-round raised bed area, all of which is managed using organic practices. We even have a worm bin!

Companion planting

Buddy plants naturally boost growth and deter pests.

Non-chemical weed control

We fight our weeds with mulching, cardboard, and pulling them by hand.

Drip irrigation

Saving water by nourishing plants drop by drop.

Seed saving

Keeping seeds for the next growing season.


Look for the blue bin in the volunteer shed!

Crop rotation

Swapping crop growing locations for healthier soil.

Cover cropping

While main crops are on break, cover crops like legumes protect our soil.


Attracting pollinators and providing wind protection for crops.


It's a fancy name for our worm bin.


It takes a community to feed a community! We partner with a variety of organizations around SLO County. Some donate land, some donate seedlings, provide nursery services, help prep our field with tractor work, recruit volunteers, or distribute produce.


SLO Food bank
New Life Church pantry
Estero Bay Kindness Coalition
Nipomo Food Basket
Rock Harbor
Grace Central Coast


Hitachi Zosen INOVA (Kompogas)
Cal Poly SLO
Pan American Seed
Talley Farms
Cuesta College
Son Care Foundation
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