Farm Events

From seed to harvest, we cultivate our crops through volunteer-run activities, welcoming all ages and skill levels. Each farm event starts with instructions, and we have training videos on our Youtube channel. Everyone is welcome to use their capabilities to love their neighbors as themselves.

2021 Harvest
as of 07/26/21

Field: 5,674.5 lbs
Orchard: 114 lbs

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As an organic farm we do our best to work with nature and build regenerative systems to reduce weed pressure. July is a critical month as this is when the weeds we haven't pulled yet mature and drop their seeds which could overrun our crops this growing season and create more weeds to thwart our cover crop and next season's crops!  So we are encouraging folks to sign up for a weeding event!

Families welcome!


Pulling weeds not your thing? That's ok too!

We have many other opportunities to volunteer at the farm!

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Don't forget to fill out your online volunteer forms. Get a jump start on registering for 2021 Events by filling out your forms now. Just click the links provided.


The veggie field is located at 173 Buckley Road in San Luis Obispo. Our field is behind the office for Thousand Hills Pet Resort. Please drive slowly through the parking lot, follow the signs, and carpool if possible.

Bring a full water bottle, gloves, a hat, sunglasses, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, a full water bottle, and your smile.  Seriously folks, stay hydrated out there!