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Do you want to learn more about farming? Get training on a tractor? Have a passion for special projects? Join our Dirty Hands club! RSVP via email! This group is for vol...
First Meeting of the Dirty Hands Club
Started Dec 20, 2019

June 2019 Update

Harvests have begun at the farm!  Lettuce, herbs, bok choi and even green beans and summer squash are being joyfully delivered to our partnering agencies.   We really are amazed when we look across the field and see the abundance that is already there.  Next up will be onions, broccoli, cucumbers and cabbage-- so much food!  What a blessing! All from these miraculous little seeds, the heavy lifting of many volunteers, the spring rains, and God saying Yes, it is good.  

The weeds love the soil of our little farm as much as the green beans do, and they are really giving us a challenge right now.  It's all-out war every Saturday--can you help?  This is one of those very gratifying farm tasks-- wonderful to look back on a row that was choked in weeds and see the peppers that you rescued.  There is also planting, composting and tying up of tomatoes to be done.  Every Saturday throughout summer (but especially now the need is great) at 9:00am.  Friday harvests start at 6:00pm; Tuesday harvests start at 9:00am.   Every activity at the farm is family-friendly!

May 2019 Update

We're feeling overwhelmed.  In previous seasons, this emotion has washed over us because of the size of the job, the long list of tasks, the rows and rows of produce to be picked, the stubborn weeds with their deep, deep roots.  Not today.  Not this year.  Our management team was overwhelmed by the flood of people who just kept coming on Planting Day.  And all of them asking, "What can I do to help?" 110 people.  Every one of them a gift to us and a reason to thank God for his provision.  Yes, friends-- we are overwhelmed.

The field was planted with almost 10,000 seedlings.  Lettuce, tomatoes, corn, broccoli, kale, basil, cauliflower, oregano, peppers, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, melons, green beans, leeks, onions, and eggplant.  There are more seedlings in the greenhouse, and they'll be ready in a few weeks.  Future tasks are staking tomatoes, peas and beans, composting all seedlings, and weeding.  Saturday workdays begin May 18 at 9:00am.  Tuesday morning harvests begin May 28 at 9:00am.  Friday evening harvests begin May 24 at 6:00pm.  Come and join us!  It's family-friendly and lots of fun.  If you'd like to bring your group out for community service, please contact us in advance.

April 2019 Update

We have set a date of April 27 for our big Planting Day!  We hope to have a huge crowd of 50+ volunteers.  The best way for this all to come together is if we have a smaller, but determined, group of 25 volunteers come on April 20 for Irrigation Day.  Both workdays are family friendly and run from 9:00 to noon. You'll need to bring water, a hat, sunscreen and sturdy shoes.  Kids can definitely help with planting and running drip lines down the rows, and they love it!  

How can we ever thank Talley Farms for, once again, sending out a tractor crew to help us prep the field?  Not to mention Greenheart Farms for donating many healthy seedlings!  And now we also want to thank Rob Landreth of PanAmerican Seed Co. and Wendy Robinson of CalPoly's Horticultural Science Greenhouse for growing thousands of our seeds into beautiful little plants!  God is providing for our little farm through many avenues, and we are so very grateful.

Latest News at the Farm

What an amazing 2018 growing season we've had!  We set a new record for production with more than 18,000 pounds of fresh, high quality, organically grown fruits and vegetables freely given away to hundreds of families in our community!  We are thankful.  We are thankful for our wonderful volunteers, for good weather, for greatly improved soil, for good water from our new well and irrigation system, for our donors, and for our dedicated leadership team.  We are privileged to be a part of a project that seeks to bless our neighbors.


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