A Note From the Board

THANK YOU!!!! What an amazing close to our harvest season!!! There were snacks, there were raffles, there were crops, there was live music, and there was community! ♥️

And yes there were photographs. Too many for a newsletter. So pop over to our Gallery page and enjoy the slideshow. There are also a few videos on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you for the incredible harvest season! Through your generous hearts, hands, and time we donated over 17,500 pounds of fresh organically grown veggies to our community!!!

Not only did y'all harvest all that food, but y'all abated the weeds the whole harvest season long! This is a miracle to celebrate. Because it will help next season and the one after that. Weed abatement is some of the hardest work but your diligence (and Kathy Keil's sheer stubbornness) brought us thru this season in better shape than we could have hoped for!

AND y'all raised the funds for a veggie van for 2021.We've given two vans test drives and had mechanics check them out and those cans just haven't been right for us. But it's only thanks to your generosity that we are able to even start the search for our perfect Veggie Van.

Thank you for caring for the earth and our neighbors! If you didn’t get a chance to be involved in our harvests never fear: there are a lot of ways to get involved during our restoration season! Check out our website to see what’s next! There are so many ways to volunteer during the Restoration season that we could barely fit them on the site!