Our small operation headed by a team of volunteers from Trinity Presbyterian and Grace churches in San Luis Obispo. Farm volunteers, however, come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, and locations.

One of our primary goals is to work collaboratively alongside the recipients of our produce and whoever else in the community believes in our mission. We welcome you  to come work with us!


If you've ever been interested in participating in work on a small-scale organic farm,  feel free to contact us. Volunteers are needed for all sorts of work, including transplanting, harvesting, seeding, weeding, and more.


You may find that breathing the fresh outdoor air, digging in the soil, and working alongside others to be a blessing to our community is a blessing to you as well.



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Phone:  (805) 556-8362
Email:  firstfruitsfarmslo@gmail.com

Our Volunteers

Firstfruits Farm is entirely staffed by local volunteers  from throughout our community. Diversity across social groups  creates opportunities to meet new friends while learning about sustainable farming. No experience is necessary to be a part of our team.

Volunteers typically need to bring comfortable work clothing, hats, water, sunscreen, gloves, and hand tools. Some tools are available on site on a first come, first served basis.

Depending on season and ability, help is needed with a variety of tasks such as sowing seed, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing produce, or delivering food.

A significant number of our volunteers come from our good friends at GleanSLO, an outstanding non-profit organization in San Luis Obispo.

The Son Care Foundation generously provides Firstfruits Farm with approximately two acres of land for farming.  A wide variety of produce is grown sustainably and organically from spring through fall.  In addition, the Peet family generously provides a separate parcel for our fruit tree orchard.

The produce is supplied to aid organizations throughout the local community (currently: God's Storehouse, the SLO Food Bank, SLO Women’s Shelter, SLO Vet Center, the Salvation Army, Los Osos Community Center, and Judson Terrace), serving hundreds of economically disadvantaged individuals and families in the area.

Trinity Church & Grace SLO


Firstfruits Farm is overseen by Trinity Presbyterian Church of San Luis Obispo, operated in conjunction with members of Grace SLO. Our goal is to grow in love of God, community, and all of creation. Providing healthy food to those who need it is one of the ways we seek to live this out.


Our work is done in the context of the gospel - the good news that God, through the work of Jesus, is forgiving sin, restoring brokenness, redeeming all of creation, and calling his people to push back against the effects of the fall.