Our Mission

Caring for the earth and our neighbors by organically farming and freely giving fruits and vegetables to people experiencing food insecurity in San Luis Obispo County, California.

Why We Farm

We are a faith-based, volunteer-run nonprofit farm inspired by Christ’s profound love for humankind to practice compassion without exception. We do this by offering our first thought, our first effort, and our first-choice harvest to our local community members experiencing food insecurity.


Planting Hope

In a world easily divided by clan, creed, practice, status, and politics, Firstfruits Farm SLO is committed to acting Justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with The Creator through fostering ongoing partnerships between churches, community organizations, and individuals; in this way, we seek to be an intersection for our community.

We believe our neighbors’ access to fresh & nutritious food is more valuable than profit; so, we freely give away our organically grown produce. From seed to harvest, we cultivate our crops through our volunteer-run activities that welcome all ages and skill levels. From children who have never seen a carrot pulled out of the field to professional agriculturalists who lend their expertise in the care of our soil and seeds, everyone is welcome to use their capabilities to love their neighbors as themselves.


Honoring Dignity

We believe that every person bears the image of The Creator and is endowed with inherent worthiness. We understand limited income prevents many of our worthy neighbors from access to fresh & nutritious food; this is why we donate all harvests to our distribution partners who serve individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.