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As you donate, our farmer will turn green!


In This Together

We climbed the path to becoming an independent 501(c)(3) because we wanted sustainability in our organization just like we want it in our farming. We crafted a mission statement to express and direct our vision. We wrote pillars of operation to guide the organization. We created by-laws so that there would be orderly processes for future board members to follow or expand. And we succeeded! We  built the framework of organizational sustainability on the solid foundation Trinity Church and Grace church laid for us.

And now we are looking for sustainability in our budget.

There's no way to sugarcoat it, farming is expensive. From seeds to hand tools to tractor implements to deer-proof fencing to irrigation pipes & valves to row covers to drip tape to crates to insurance. We are blessed to have generous landlords as well as some generous donors and many generous partners who donate services like nursery care for our seedlings and tractor work in our field. And in the past we were blessed to receive community grants to help with expenses.

Sustain the Sustainability

But the old aphorism for farm work applies to budgets too: Many hands make light loads. If 120 people give $8 a month to the farm, we will cover approximately 40% of our annual budget. Over the next 30 days, we will be showing you how much of a difference just $8 a month can make in our mission to provide our Firstfruits to those of us experiencing food insecurity in San Luis Obispo county.

When you see how much $8 a month can do for your friends & neighbors, just imagine how much farther $16 a month can go toward increasing their access to delicious, nutritious, high quality produce!

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