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Growing Generosity

The farm is more than a place to grow food. It is a place to grow our spirit of generosity by exercising our muscles of compassion.

In this Covid-19 pandemic, the generosity of our county is clear. People of all ages and genders are sewing face masks for their neighbors, offering to pick up groceries for the vulnerable, and zooming each other left and right to make sure no one feels alone. We know as a community that we are

In This Together.

And at the farm we are growing generosity every day. We are building relationships as we plant, tend, and harvest. Come grow with us by weeding the rows in the field, plucking peaches at the orchard, and giving $8 a month to support our work of feeding our community.

“Rather than leaving generous people on the short end of an unequal bargain, practices of generosity are actually likely instead to provide generous givers with essential goods in life—happiness, health, and purpose—which money and time themselves simply cannot buy. That is an empirical fact well worth knowing.”

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