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San Luis Obispo is a wonderful place to live and work and play, but it's also a city with a poverty rate of 30.4%*.

Down from 31.8% in 2018

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That means one in three people living in the city of San Luis Obispo live below the federal poverty line.

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One in three co-workers.

One in three students.

One in three of us.

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In 2021, we harvested 23,902 pounds of produce and reached 950+ families through ten distribution partners. As we continue to live thru the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be ready for whatever 2022 brings us with your help.

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Our mission at Firstfruits Farm SLO, to grow the finest quality produce to be freely given at no cost, is an act of love to all of us, for all of us, so we can Grow Together as a community.

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