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Food is essential for life. It is a constant spanning the globe that all people require food. In today’s world it’s often that humans feel isolated, different, and unknown, so the simple act of recognizing the deep connection through this shared need becomes profound. In our county we are bombarded with images and smells of food all along our commutes and it can become the background noise to our life; however, it is around a table of food, large or small, that many of our most impactful memories, conversations, and events reside. Food brings people together, it allows our minds to relax and our hearts to open towards the one(s) we are sharing a meal with. Food is something so simple and common, yet is something so miraculous and life changing all in one. Food literally grows on trees (and other plants so I’m told). It’s miraculous that soil, sunlight and water continue to bring forth more than enough edible, tasteful, nutritious produce in order to sustain life. I am thankful for food, I teach my 3 young children to be thankful for food, I love to prepare and serve food to friends and guests. It’s safe to say, I’m a fan of food.

I hear of the ​growing problem of food insecurity, not just globally, but here in SLO County and my heart breaks. My heart is broken for the child whose hunger is not satisfied at the end of the day. My heart is broken for the parent, feeling afraid, embarrassed and desperate for not being able to provide enough for their son or daughter. My heart is broken for a county that is too disconnected relationally, too unwilling or unaware of how to share each other’s burden and cultivate a world of compassion and love.


I long to see a change. I long for the peace of a full meal to replace the pangs of hunger. I long to see those who have more than enough, putting those less fortunate before them. I long to see the joy of compassion overcome the silent pain of disconnection. I long to see dignity and power restored to those who are suffering hardships. I long for our shared need for food to ​cultivate a stronger connection of love.

his is why I farm.

Director of Fundraising

Greg Jeffrey

Greg Jeffrey is SLO native, and is a Full Time Staff Missionary with CRU. He is passionate about people and relationships. Greg has been in church ministry leadership roles in the past and is very excited about serving SLO county through FirstFruits Farm SLO.

Greg began volunteering at the farm in 2020.

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