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Why I Farm

I have dreamed of farming since I was fifteen years old. I had a plan—chickens, goats, fruit trees, tractors, honeybees, homemade cheeses, and bread. It was going to be a wonderful life of blissful solitude. God had other plans for me. 


I didn’t become a farmer until late in life. And I don’t farm alone. God put me in a community, working for my community. We farm by committee, which is challenging and oh, so wonderful.


I absolutely love being at the farm. I actually get to grow things that are useful and are a blessing to others. And then I get to tell someone that we grew this for you. We planted, irrigated, fertilized, weeded, harvested, washed, packed, and delivered these vegetables because you are valuable and loved by God, and I hope you feel that love when you cut into this tomato and taste the soil and the water and the sun that God created.


The most important reason I volunteer at the farm is that it is a way for me to show gratitude to God for giving me this life, my health, my strength, his love. He has asked us to be aware of the people around us and to meet their needs where and when we can.

Farm Liaison

Martha "Marti" Kessler

A retired San Luis Obispo teacher. Marti is passionate about gardening and caring for people. She has experience serving in different community organizations and is certified in produce safety.


Marti is a cofounder of Firstfruits Farm SLO.

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