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If you are feeling ill, please do not attend any farm events. Please take care of your health.

Hygiene: Upon arrival and before leaving the premises each volunteer will sanitize their hands.

If you are fully vaccinated, you are welcome to participate without wearing a face covering at all times during farm events. 

If you are not fully vaccinated, face coverings should be worn when within 6ft of others for more than 15 minutes such as in the wash and pack area. But otherwise, you may remove your face covering.

If you prefer to continue wearing a face covering, you may absolutely do so!  We honor your personal decision as we follow the science and public health guidance.

We do not require proof of vaccination.  We trust your honesty with the realization that if you are not fully vaccinated and conduct yourself using the guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated, you are exposing yourself to greater risk.  Please don’t do that.  We care about your health and safety.

Bathroom: Cleaning spray has been provided for volunteer use. We ask that any volunteers utilizing the facilities bring the spray with them and wipe down the bathroom space before returning to the farm task.

To comply with updated COVID-19 guidelines from the State of California and the CDC, all farm events will follow these protocols as well as onsite instructions. Subject to change.

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